Storage and transportation

Houtdrogerij Arnhem offers you the possibility to store your wood, both before as well as after the drying process. Our generous canopy of 5,600 m² is the perfect storage area for all varieties of wood sorts. We use a packet-based registration system with which we may trace the wood packets at any given time.

If needed, prior to the drying process in a drying room, you can store your wood in pre-drying. For a certain period of time, the wood will be naturally air-dried. This offers a great advantage as you will not need to arrange for storage of the wood elsewhere, but rather send it over to Houtdrogerij Arnhem directly.

Not only does Houtdrogerij Arnhem offer extensive storage possibilities, we can also arrange for the transportation of your wood. Per request we can arrange for collecting your wares and transport it to our drying facility in Arnhem. After the drying process or treatment of the wood, we collect the orders in partial or complete batches, and deliver it at any location. If necessary, we can combine orders from different batches, as well.


Advantages of Houtdrogerij Arnhem

  • Storage at closed-off and guarded premises
  • Storage prior to as well as post-drying
  • Free storage for the first 2 months
  • Order picking
  • Inventory management system
  • Transportation to and from any location