Kiln-Drying Techniques

Innovative and eco-friendly kiln-drying techniques

Houtdrogerij Arnhem employs an innovative kiln-drying technique which features steam as a humidification source. The presence of steam and the high aeration bring up the humidity, after which the temperature can be increased gradually. Contrary to conventional kilns, the conditions remain steady and no temperature fluctuations occur. Because of that situation, the dryings, and consequently, the wood’s quality, remain perfectly monitorable.

Not only does this unique technique accomplish huge profits in time without deteriorating the quality, but this way of drying wood is also beneficial to the environment. Since it takes place within a closed system, there is no air pollution and therefore the taxation of the environment is negligible. The kiln-drying process is computer controlled and monitored centrally and remotely. Read more about our quality control [link].