Our 8 kilns were specifically designed for the purpose of drying each and every sort of wood; from exotic to domestic wood sorts. Each room features a functional floor surface area of 19 x 6 meters and a maximum stacking height of 3.70 meters. The capacity per kiln is 130 to 240 m3, depending on the wood’s thickness and package assembly.

Unique design

The kilns at Houtdrogerij Arnhem were designed in a unique manner. Because of the presence of both steam and a powerful ventilation system, a high air humidity of up to 90% RH is fairly easily accomplished. This allows for dryings to be well monitored and for the temperature to be increased relatively fast without affecting the quality of the wood. This results in drying times that are usually significantly shorter than those achieved in conventional kilns. An additional benefit is the decreased energy loss and the absence of odour nuisance since every room is a closed system, in which the ventilation hatches have been replaced by cooling blocks. Read more about our unique process.

Kiln advantages of Houtdrogerij Arnhem

  • Technically sophisticated drying room
  • Significantly shorter drying periods compared to conventional drying room
  • Closed system
  • Quality inspection
  • Eco-friendly