Your go-to expert for kiln-drying all sorts of wood!

Houtdrogerij Arnhem: Your go-to expert for kiln-drying all sorts of wood

Houtdrogerij Arnhem is the expert facility for kiln-drying, steaming, baking and storing your wood. We offer an overall solution and set ourselves apart with our eco-friendly and highly flexible procedures. Our years of experience and deeply rooted expertise allow us to help you reach an optimal end result. Check out the possibilities!

Our services

Houtdrogerij Arnhem offers an all-in-one solution and will relieve you from the entire process. We can offer the following services:

  • Kiln-drying of all wood sorts
  • Pre-drying process storage
  • Storage after the kiln-drying process
  • Expert quality inspection of wood
  • Steaming your wood
  • Baking your wood
  • Delivery by order
  • Transportation

More information?

Would you like to make use of our services, or do you have a different question? Feel free to contact us, we´d gladly be of service.

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